Saadiyat Beach Golf Club Grass Bunker

Saadiyat Beach Golf Club has been designed with strict environmentally friendly guidelines and a true sensitivity to the surrounding natural environment

Grass species:
  • Greens: Mini Verde Ultra Dwarf Bermuda (Cynodon spp)
  • Tees: Mini Verde Ultra Dwarf Bermuda (Cynodon spp)
  • Fairway/rough: Tifway 419 Bermuda grass, (Cynodondactylon)
  • Rough/native area: Combination of drought tolerant grasses including Sand Dropseed, Swing Side Oats Grama, Grace Blue Grama, Safari Tef and Firegrasses
Type of flora:
  • Palm trees
  • Native Dune Grasses
Type of wildlife:
  • Mountain Gazelles
  • Humpback Dolphins
  • Green & Hawksbill Turtles and multiple types of other marine life
  • Migrating Birds including European Rollers, Curlews and European Bee-aters to name but a few